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Thanks to the strong technological know-how and the expertise gained in the industry, M&C has developed an innovative software and application solution that meets the growing security needs and high business performance. Flexible and customizable tools, being the results of the M&C research and development team.


DLP Data Loss Prevention software for your safety.

TEIDE is a powerful tool for the safeguard of information. It identifies sensitive files, monitors their usage, and protects them from abuse by tracing all the activities that are carried out on them. Through periodic scanning of the Virtual Zone, it controls the data use on Endpoint.
The innovative LDD technology – Live Deep Detection – enables TEIDE to discover in real time the creation of new files catalogued as sensitive, and to protect them automatically by encrypting them.


The application to monitor and optimize the performance.

The Kriu application solution provides standardization, aggregation, and processing of all ICT (and not ICT) events coming from heterogeneous sources, in terms of deterministic correlation (when the correlation pattern is known) and statistics, by techniques such as Predictive Analysis and Pattern Recognition, providing tools given to Business Analytics (BA), Service Desk and Business Service Management (BSM).

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